Need a Quiet Place to Work?

Turn to us for office construction services in McLean, Alexandria & Annandale, VA

Working from home is a true luxury. But it can be hard to focus when you have children and pets running around all day. Build a quiet place to work with help from K-One Design & Build.

We offer custom home office construction services in the McLean, Alexandria & Annandale, VA areas. You can count on us to take your needs and create a functional office space that works for you. Whether it's building a new addition or converting an existing room, you'll get a space that allows you to focus on your job.

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5 ways to build a home office

Building a custom home office in your home is easier than you think. You don't have to do a total home renovation to get the extra workspace you need. K-One Design & Build can build:

  1. Tiny home office additions
  2. Basement office conversions
  3. Attic office conversions
  4. Garage office additions
  5. Bump-out office additions

You can work in peace without tearing apart your home. Reach out to us today to learn more about our office construction services in McLean, Alexandria & Annandale, VA.