Create the Home of Your Dreams

Rely on us for custom home building services in McLean, VA

While there's nothing wrong with pre-built homes, they may not be up to your standards. If you want to move into the perfect home for your family, turn to K-One Design & Build. We offer custom home building services in the McLean, VA area. Our team will work with you to construct the home you've always wanted.

Why should you buy a custom home?

McLean, VA is a beautiful suburb of Washington D.C. that's home to many diplomats and government officials. If you want to live here but can't find the perfect home, we've got you covered. By partnering with the custom home builders at K-One Design & Build, you can get a house that's:

  • Exactly where you want it to be
  • Structurally sound and up-to-date
  • Customized from the ceilings down to the floors
  • Got all the appliances and home features you love

Plus, you can avoid dealing with real estate market competition by building a home. Call us today to schedule custom home building services in McLean, VA.